Friday, March 15, 2013



....J and I went on a Valentine's date (we saw Argo, which, pre-Oscars, J said was argo-ably the best movie of the year)

...we had a sleepover with E and Z - this was only the beginning...



(My favorite part of our 24 hours together was when E told me my toilet was too dirty to go potty in - bahaha. If a three-year-old thinks your toilet is too dirty, you KNOW it's time to clean the bathroom!)

...we celebrated a fun friend's birthday by taking a 30 passenger bus down to Sonoita for a day of local wine tasting.

(These last two silly pics are us celebrating that, while some people were already napping on the bus, we persevered through the final wine tasting on our itinerary.)

...we turned the sand and water table into a rock table using fish tank rocks - equally as fun and SO MUCH CLEANER. The only downside is that SS has thrown zillions of those tiny pebbles into our grass, which means mowing the lawn will adventure.

...I kidnapped my nieces one morning

(I am still trying to figure out how to edit this photo - any Photoshop editing suggestions welcome!)

...we went up to Phoenix for BFF A's Sprinkle to celebrate their newest little man due in April...

I had fun crafting up some nursery art (you can see it on the table)

Is there a better gift than husband-wife matching pajama pants for the birth of your child? I think not.

4 bugs in the tub (action photo)

4 bugs in the tub

...and on Sunday we brunched at St. Francis, a hipster Phoenix restaurant that serves Cartel coffee (a rapidly growing coffee phenomenon owned by college friends of ours!)

I drank a whole cup of coffee by myself, and I was wired the rest of the day! (Which was the intention, since we went to Ikea on the way home - I needed Ikeanergy!)

Live music!

SS was overjoyed at a cup sliding game while we waited for our food

The beautiful Mama, my BFF A

...we hit up Ikea on the way home, and the boys had fun in the children's area.

I love how expressive BB always is.


SS had fun too

Just some snapshots of our life lately.

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