Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Keep Praying, Just Keep Praying...

(...a la Dory.)

This is the prayer card we just sent out for B.

Get it? Radiation, X-rays, skeletons, Halloween...

Maybe some people think it's a little weird to make a play on words about a 9-year-old's radiation treatment, but that's how we roll in this fam. In fact, Auntie Seen has been calling their time in Boston a "Radiation Vacation", and we bought these jammies as "Radiation Jammas", because in a silly place in our hearts these pajamas make us feel a little closer together while apart. These pajamas are a tiny way we remember and support B and her treatment this Fall. And they have the added bonus of being adorable.

BB misses his auntie and uncle and cousins. (As do we all.) When we stop by their house to check on things, when he talks about how his Auntie Seen likes XYZ all day long, when he insists that we need to make a 5th Halloween costume so Tada can be a part of the family costume theme, and when he wistfully talks about how Tada and B are "on Boston".

B's treatments are going well - she has nausea and headaches and hard days and better ones. About another month to go.

Just keep praying, just keep praying...

Oh, and here's a very cute little skeleton.

And some outtakes:

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