Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big Girl-Sitting

Aw, remember Baby E? Well, just like BB, she's not a baby anymore. 

Big Girl E and her baby brother Z came over to play with us for a couple of days last month, and I loved seeing all of our kids together again. As an extra bonus, we got to spend part of E's actual birthday with her, which means she wore a pretty tutu and I gave her an ice cream treat right before her mom picked her up. 

On our way to the neighborhood park

The littles playing together-ish

My boy

BB and E running to each other across the park
(they kept running away from each other and then reuniting)

Meeting with a hug

So much love

It took almost two full days for me to figure out how to get this boy to smile at me, but eventually he cracked. (Of course, my white balance wasn't properly set.)

My favorite part of the day was listening to BB and E have a little Ike-and-Tina-Turner-esqe conversation after BB hit E (and of course got a time out and spanking and big-time talking to). I don't remember the exact details, but it was filled with "I love you"s and "I'm sorry"s and lots of circular logic from both sides - I kept trying to tell E she didn't need to be sorry, but she was so sad that BB was so sad. It was very entertaining.

Happy Birthday Big Girl E! We sure do love you!


  1. Lots of comments:
    1. I love that Jonah still has his red streak.
    2. So cute about E apologizing to BB for him hitting her. Hilarious.
    3. Yay for a reduced mortgage payment and more flexibility!
    4. I LOVE the picture with Z and SS sitting next to each other. Z is sooo big!

  2. I am glad BB and E have gotten to spend time together lately, and I love the story about them having an old married couple drama fest. Thanks for loving my kids :)