Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Is Going To Be Incredible!

It's going to be an Incredible Halloween!!!

The Incredibles!
Elastigirl, Jack-Jack, and Dash Incredible.   We're just missing our Mister.  But he'll be in his super suit for Halloween, don't you worry!

 Our library story time had a costume parade on Thursday, so I wanted to have our costumes ready in time for the parade. Justin and I returned to Tucson late Monday night from a trip to San Francisco for my cousin's wedding - but more about that later. Since we knew the costume parade was Thursday morning, Wednesday was our designated Costume Day - we shopped and assembled all in one day.  Let me just say that having our costumes completely put together six days before Halloween is the way to do it!! We are so ready for Halloween!  The parade was really sweet - the library had little (non-candy) treats for the kids at different trick-or-treat stations - have I ever mentioned that I looooooooooove the library? Ever since we started going to story time, I have just been so thankful for our libraries - I mean, first off, FREE BOOKS!! And so many great programs and activities, like story time, TOTALLY FREE!! What an amazing country we live in that we have free access to parks and libraries, for all of us, but especially for our children. I am thankful. (And yes, I know that they aren't completely free, we pay for them with our taxes - in my opinion, money well spent!)

The parade
(And yes, I was the only Mom who dressed up for library story time)

With Mr. Eddie, our amazing story time teacher

Our boys were also given some other fun costumes as gifts from their aunties. Uncle M came home for work last week, and he brought costume gifts from the whole fam for BB and SS - a ninja costume and a giraffe costume.

The giraffe costume was a lil big. :) 

Uncle M taught BB lots of ninja rolls and chops - this is BB's ninja face.
(We later emphasized that ninjas don't have to be mean, they can be nice, and that ninjas are sneaky.)

And Auntie Jen and Cousins M and A and Uncle A sent a special Halloween box with treats and a special edition of Madagascar 3 that came with this cutie wig.


SS thought this wig was hilarious. I just love those smiles! He was on the move the whole time, trying to pull the wig off, and I like how you can see the motion in the photos.

This week BB has been saying something is "scary" if he doesn't want to do something - this wig was one of the "scary" things. But we finally convinced him to try it on and got this pic.

We have a dress up costume box in BB's room, and the giraffe and ninja and wig are really fun additions to our collection of "boy" dress up clothes.

Are you putting costumes together this week? How's it going? What kind of stuff are you using? One of my main goals is always to use what I already have and keep it cheap - I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not my boys' are wearing $2.50 girls shorts that I had to cut the bows off of for their Incredibles costumes.

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