Sunday, June 24, 2012


From atop the changing table

BB: "That - it won't let me fall."

J: "What? The ground?"

BB: "Yes, the ground."

J: "The ground won't let you fall?"

BB: "No, it catches me."

I giggled, but after reflecting for a moment, I realized this was a bit of unexpected wisdom from the boy who has been curled up in his bed or his rocking chair with his Bible after nap for the past week. Wisdom that our family is clinging to during this time, as we grasp at cloud wisps of hope and glance at the ground below, trusting He is there to catch us.

Last night at a family dinner BB pointed urgently to his leg and yelled, "A nipple! A nipple!"

J and I looked at each other, thinking That's not what he's saying is it?

And then again, undeniably, "A nipple!"

J went over and examined where BB was pointing on his leg.

"That's a bug bite, buddy."

Bug bites totally look like nipples.

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