Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy 10 Months SS!

Matching outfits with Mama to go see the Seussical
Already 10 months old, we are now definitely on the countdown to the big ONE WHOLE YEAR OLD. Unbelievable.

Part of the reason it's unbelievable is that SS is my baby-baby - he is still army-crawling, although he has definitely perfected his technique and is fully mobile and fast now. He has just started rocking on his hands and knees a couple of times. He flipping over on his changing table like a crazy man and it's all we can do to keep him from wiggling right off the edge.  

SS is still chattering away in babbles and squawking too - he did look right at J and say "Da" on Memorial Day though, his official First Word. 

The two little teeth I have been monitoring for months finally fully erupted, and now that SS has them, he has been eating more finger-foods. Cut up pieces of avocado, apples, bananas, and sweet potatoes have all crossed his high-chair tray, as well as innumerable puffs. He is still working on the hand-eye coordination, but is improving. He desparately wants to hold the spoon while I feed him, which leads us to another new activity this month has brought:

Discipline. It sounds silly, to talk about disciplining a baby, but as I have been telling SS, "With great power comes great responsibility." With your newfound mobility and subsequent exploration comes the responsibility of not putting electrical wires in your mouth, kid. For some reason the lamp cords hold endless appeal to our babies - BB was the same way. So we have been working on "No". And the other night SS threw a full-out fit over not being able to hold the spoon while I fed him. Because he is such a happy baby, J and I had to hide our giggles when SS became demanding and grumpy over the spoon - I made sure to instruct him on "No" and not throwing fits with a straight face, but man, it was funny. SS is also starting to express more desire, for a toy or to do a certain activity, and to cry and fuss if he doesn't get it.

SS is still nursing and drinking formula, but is starting to prefer solids to formula mid-day. I am mostly nursing him in the morning, and then once or twice a day after that. Nursing is getting tougher as SS becomes more and more interested in BB - if SS hears BB's voice, he whips his head around to look for and observe his big brother. He is also very distracted by Daddy's voice.  The boys laugh together at the dinner table, and splash together in the tub. It's so sweet to see them start to play together.

SS's lungs are still sensitive due to the RSV he had in February, and a little cold is a much bigger problem for SS than it is for BB. He gets a croupy-sounding cough and we have to give him breathing treatments in the middle of the night, which are tough on everyone. SS had a cold over Memorial Day weekend and the day of BB's Birthdaysaurus party, but he recovered and is back to his happy self.

Happy 10 Months Boo Boo! You will be one year old before I know it, but I hope you are always my cuddly mama-baby.

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