Friday, May 18, 2012

Word to the Mothers: Lunch

So I'm not some kind of expert food guru, but I thought I would post this since I never turn down a nutritious and quick lunch suggestion, especially one that is toddler friendly.

We eat our fair share of peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese and quesadillas, but one of my favorite quick  lunches (and maybe the occasional dinner too) these days is a hard-boiled egg, a fruit, and veggies and crackers with hummus. You can even throw in a cheese stick or cheese cubes for some (additional) dairy (BB drinks milk with every meal).  Our go-to veggies are baby carrots (we always, always, always have these), cherry tomatoes (okay, okay, I know these are actually a fruit, geez), and sliced bell peppers (which BB holds up and proclaims "J!" See? Good nutrition helps kids learn. And be adorable.)  This quick, low-prep meal covers all of the food groups, fills the tummy, and is pretty tasty too.

Evidence of the toddler-friendliness of this meal
Plus, you get to hear your kid try and pronounce "hummus".

"Can I peas have some moe who-muss?"

Hope it can help!

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