Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ridiculously Overdue Recap Alert

Between the holidays and New Year’s resolutions and a toddler trying to give up his nap and a cuddly baby filling my heart with every open-mouth grin, I’ve been so busy living life that I haven’t been blogging about life. So I’m going to try to catch up and post some Ridiculously Overdue Recaps alongside some current event posts.

I, like zillions of others, am attempting to use the new year to make some positive changes, including applying some structure of J and my’s daily schedule, as any semblance of structure that was previously there was destroyed by the survival-mode I go into over the holidays. I really want to get up before the kids, so that I can have time to read the Bible and set my heart right with God, get showered and dressed for the day, and run on some days – because J is also going to be working out bright and early before he heads into work, I will need to run even brighter and earlier, and if I do that, it means I will have some time I can set aside for blogging on those mornings before the kids are up, which excites me. Of course, this is all in an ideal world where I can actually get up when my alarm goes off, which I have yet to do since we set our new “family schedule”. I always think “If I could just not sleep, imagine how much I could get done!” but alas, sleep is essential to sanity. So we’ll see what happens – I might just be putting the kids into the gym childcare until it’s warm enough to run at the foreign hour I have designated to do so on the family schedule. That's actually what I tried out today - I used a guest pass to try the YMCA, as their childcare setting is more desirable than my current gym's (the workers are background checked, fingerprinted, CPR certified, etc.). All that to say, I MISS BLOGGING - it's my virtual family scrapbook, and I want/need to make time for it.

Anyway, some Ridiculously Overdue Recap posts to look forward to? A Crafty Thanksgiving, Completed (yes, I'm that behind), SS's dedication, Christmas, a random photo dump (doesn't that sound gross? What's a better way to say it? ) etc. - many of these are half-written drafts (the photo dump draft is titled December Dump, but that sounds so wrong), SO without further adieu, I'm going to try to actually write and complete an entire post!

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