Friday, December 23, 2011

Surprise Visitor

A couple of mornings ago, SS had a visitor drop by unannounced.

It was actually quite a surprise to both J and I when we found BB had climbed himself into SS's crib and laid down right next to his baby brother.

BB was delighted. He gave SS some hugs.

And helped adjust his pacifier.

After BB would get close or touch him, SS would smile huge.

Happy big brother.

And then BB gave SS a sweet kiss.

And then another.

And once again, SS's whole face lit up with smiles because his big brother was so close to him (and also because SS loves kisses).


You can see how SS feels about BB's surprise visit.


  1. Love it! Soooo sweet! The sibling love is favorite part of the whole mommy thing so far, I think. Your boys are so sweet!