Friday, December 9, 2011

Here and Now

In current, happening-here-and-now news, the freeze that left a thin layer of snow (yes, SNOW) in my backyard a few days ago finally finished off my garden. I just pulled up all the dead plants. Those were some crazy-hearty basil seeds (from Westwind Seeds at the Farmer's market for the Tucsonans out there). I would like to plant a winter garden and grow lettuce and other things, but I don't know that this is the year it will happen. We're hosting a Friendgivingmas party next week that I have been looking forward to for months - can't wait! Our Christmas tree is up, Christmas cards are in the mail, shopping has commenced, and family Christmas cookie decorating, yearly family ornament shopping, SS's dedication to the Lord, and a walk through the Christmas lights at Winterhaven are all on the calendar.

Today I committed to no longer allow myself to stress over any of it. It's embarrassing to admit that I am so easily entangled in trivial things and don't always step back to see the big, beautiful picture, but that's where I'm at, here and now. It is so easy for me to just be a stretched out rubber band ready to snap all December long, just moving from event to event until it's over, but today I am putting a stop to it. No more stressing this Christmas. Because I am blessed beyond my imagination. Beyond what I can really even believe and absorb in the day-to-day. Because it's all good things. Because I get to do it all. Because I get to do it all with J. Because there are people struggling with real problems in the world, and what I'm going to wear to a party is a joke (but if you see an understated, forgiving, dressy-but-casual holiday dress, please let me know :) ). Because He loves me, and He sent Jesus to earth for more than garland and gifts, more than tinsel and traditions. Because I have my own babies to gaze and wonder at how God came to Earth in this helpless, precious, fragile form. Because that's Christmas.

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