Friday, February 18, 2011


The pinkeye is back.
The antibiotics had kicked in almost immediately and BB was seemingly recovered (other than a lingering cough) from the pinkeye, ear infection, and cold symptoms, until yesterday morning when I went in to get him out of his crib and the eye goop was back, along with a rosy tone coloring his whole left eye. As the day went on, goop oozed out of his right eye too. After a call to the pediatrician, we have a stronger antibiotic eye drop to try. Oh joy, another 5 days of eye drops three times a day. Administering eye drops to a non-compliant, wriggling 20-month-old is no small feat. But I really am thankful that we leave in a country where I make a call to the pediatrician, who makes a call to the pharmacy down the street, where I go through the drive-through (aka, no need for removal from the car-seat) pharmacy and pick up medication that makes my son's life more comfortable and healthy. It's ridiculously convenient.

I almost had a panic attack the other night when I walked in the garage and saw what appeared to be a monstrously large just-built cabinet, one of two that would flank the TV console, and was convinced that wouldn't possibly fit in our living room, despite J's assurance that they were the measurements we had painstakingly spent hours planning and adjusting and taping to the wall and floor. To calm my anxiety, the next day while I worked J built the second cabinet and then moved the whole set up into the living room so we could see how they fit.
(Yes, he is Super-Husband.)
Turns out the size is just what I had been hoping for. :) So I snapped a picture before it all went back out to the workshop (garage).

Here I am with my Valentine, celebrating with dinner at the Melting Pot. J and I's first date was on Valentine's Day 10 years ago, just as friends. It was the night that changed the way I looked at him, and we have been each other's Valentines every year since.

Notice how the bump grows in the after dinner picture :)
(This dress, which I think is so beautiful, doesn't usually fit quite right, but I can never bring myself to get rid of it - I tried it on for Valentine's and it turns out it makes a great early maternity dress! Woohoo!)

Picnic with Daddy at the U of A fish and turtle pond last week

BB threw the fish and turtles our leftover bread

Speaking of bread, I made real bread, bread that used yeast and had to rise, using this recipe. The dough and the clean up were actually really simple, no kneading necessary. I photo-chronicled my very first loaf of bread's journey from creation to consumption.

The dough resting at room temperature on the counter


Fresh out of the oven

Sliced, slathered with butter and garlic, and toasted for a pasta dinner with friends.

These are the days of our lives....


  1. That.bread.looks.amazing!

  2. The bread looks great Keeley! And so does the toy/entertainment center.

    And sorry to hijack your blog, but any news Kendra??

  3. Last I heard from her is that she will be induced Friday if she doesn't go into labor on her own before then - she had been having some contractions and is in the city just in case! Can't wait to hear!