Monday, February 28, 2011


J, BB, and I are sitting in a booth at In N Out on the way home from Flagstaff last night, and because BB has been strapped in his car seat for a couple of hours and we still have a couple more to go, I am letting him sit in the booth like a big boy rather than strapping him into a high chair.
J goes and grabs some napkins and I ask for some ketchup too, so that when the food comes I won't have to wait one extra second to start enjoying it. J returns and places the napkins and three little cups of ketchup on the table. BB points to the ketchup and declares "Echup!"

I think in my head Did he just say ketchup? No...he's never even had ketchup.

After a pause, J says exactly what I just thought. "Did he just say ketchup?"
"I know, I thought the same thing, but he's never had ketchup before, how would he know what it is?" We chalked it up to coincidence.

Our food came and we gave BB his grilled cheese sandwich whole, to see if he could hold it and eat it like a sandwich. We giggled as he tried to bite it perpendicularly, and I tore off some pieces for him to eat. J and I hadn't started in on our fries yet, so the ketchup cups were still in front of BB on the table, and I watched as he took a piece of his sandwich, reached his little arm over the table, dipped the grilled cheese in the ketchup cup, and then took a bite. He didn't get ketchup on his fingers or totally soak the bread, just dipped it delicately to apply an appropriate amount of ketchup and then enjoyed his saucy bite.

J and I looked at each other. "UM, I think he's had ketchup somewhere before!" and we burst into laughter.

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