Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sprouts: First Fruits

Our potted yellow bell pepper plant is the flourishing member of our garden family, and last week J spotted our first little pepper among the leaves and little white blooms.
Do you see it? Close up!
And here it is just 3 days later - so much bigger already!

Here you can see the other two bell pepper plants, which are no where near as tall and leafy as the potted plant is.Up against the back wall you can see our 5 zucchini plants that grew from seeds! SEEDS!

And here is our very first tomato!

BB comes outside with me to water the garden in the morning - he walks in the grass and on the rocks (crazy boy!) and likes to dig his fingers in the soil while I talk to him about what plants are what and show him the strawberries growing or the first tomato. Looking forward to more fruits of our labor!


  1. And you were worried nothing would grow...

  2. Good job food growers!! I'm so proud of you!