Wednesday, May 26, 2010

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Look at these smiles! And who needs hair product when you can style your hair with smashed banana? That's what BB thinks anyway. In fact, just before taking these photos, BB said "nana", as in, banana, twice!
Here's a long video of BB saying anything except "nana", hence the wordlessness of this post (although you do get to hear me say nana about six thousand times).

Tip: Skip ahead to minute 2, that's about where the BB cuteness starts (unless you love hearing me say "nana"-in that case, definitely watch the first two minutes.)


  1. What a tooter! Hannah watched w/ me and she loved every minute of it. I told her he was asking her if she could come to his b-day party :)

  2. so awesome! he is talking up a storm...but the words just aren't quite there yet! lol

  3. Way to go BB on language development! Love him!

    We have recorded a ton of videos just in the last couple of weeks, just of her playing, sitting, babbling, etc. We think they are adorable, even if she isn't doing any "tricks" in them!

  4. So awesome to hear and see him in real life... wow! :) And as always, I have to admore your determination my dear sister... :) hee hee... Hugs!!

  5. Ummmmmmmm-I'm a little worried Keeley!It's BA-NA-NA and I'm pretty sure that's EXACTLY what he is trying to tell you!! Keep practicing though-You'll get it!!