Saturday, May 8, 2010

Soccer Mom: Game 2

After my melodramatic first soccer mom post, you'll all be happy to know that that after a couple of days soccer no longer held all of my life's happiness in the balance. I was unable to play in our team's second game because I had a cold that lasted 10 days (which I now know I was coming down with at Game 1), so Game 2 for me was last night, and I am relieved to report that I had a lot of fun!
I went into the game pretty nervous, but once I got there and talked to the other team members and got an actual jersey (instead of a t-shirt with tape on the back for my number!) I was ready to go. And midway into the 1st half I made contact with the ball and actually passed it! To my own team member! And the rest of the game just got better from there - I even stole the ball once! I definitely have a long way to go, but I really enjoyed it, even with no subs (so we all played the whole game).
Here's to not being afraid of the ball!

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