Friday, November 27, 2009

Green Friday

"We do not inherit this land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children".

When I think about how our society has changed just in the last 60 years and what kind of society and environment BB will grow up in, I am often fearful about the direction it is all heading. The new normal that has been created seems to be a very different picture that the normal of the 1950s. Today we all have to have two cars, a computer, an iPod or two, cell phones for everyone, et cetera - it's just normal. And we need two cars to get us to the two jobs it takes to pay for all this normal, and to get our children to the childcare we need so we can go to our two jobs. All to keep up with normal. Where did this normal come from? How did it become so different from a couple generations ago, when our grandparents were walking uphill both ways barefoot in the snow?
I am convinced that God has called me to be a good steward of all of my resources, including this amazing planet. I am worried about all the chemicals floating in and around all of the products we have surrounded ourselves with, products and chemicals that weren't around even when I was born, and the long-term effects of which we do not know. And I'm worried about where it will all go when we're done with it. What am I doing with the land (and the society) I am borrowing from BB?
I'm grateful I watched this video before starting the craze of "Christmas shopping". I am anxious to find ways to opt out of the consumerism mentality this holiday season, whether it's by creating or simplifying or reusing as best as I can and I am interested to hear about ways others have found to do this, so please share your thoughts and ideas on this!

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Post Script: After a lengthy discussion with J, I've decided to add a note that yes, I am aware that I do not know who this woman is, where her numbers come from, or who paid her to travel the world studying these things for ten years and that this video is an "advertisement" of sorts in and of itself. I do not know if everything she says is true (J was especially ruffled by her inaccurate example of a computer as planned obsolescence-you mess with a computer, you mess with J :) ) But I think there is value in watching and weighing it against your own thoughts and research.

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