Monday, November 23, 2009

Falling Asleep

BB is finally getting over his first cold, and we think this little elephant cool-mist humidifier was a stylish helper in the healing process. Thanks to the stuffy nose and the teething, BB now seems to be rejecting his pacifier. It seemed like it hurts his gums to bite down on it, and once he couldn't breathe through his nose it was bye bye binky. Or more accurately, cry cry binky. cry. cry some more. get picked up. stop crying. fuss. put back down. cry. pick up and bounce and spin by daddy. cry. daddy puts baby back in crib and bounces mattress. baby falls asleep mid-cry from pure exhaustion.
He was really only using his pacifier when falling asleep but it has been a crucial part in the actual falling asleep process - sometimes it would only take a couple of seconds of sucking and he would be out. Now we have nothing more than some pats and bounces to soothe him. Sucking on his blanket for a moment seems to soothe him enough to quiet down and close his eyes. Hopefully that can continue to satisfy his soothing needs.
Another trend in falling asleep (or rather, in NOT falling asleep) has been BB rolling right over from his back to his tummy. This is a well-honed skill these days, and he loves practicing, while awake, falling asleep, and even in his sleep. He moves all over his crib when napping nowadays and often wakes up crying on his tummy, frustrated that he doesn't have room to roll himself back over (he is a one-way roller). I love peeking in his room and seeing him sleeping on his tum like a grown-up with a foot sticking out between the bars.


  1. Poor little guy. He's not an ambi-roller. He can only roll left.

  2. I love reading all about your little guy! And your adventures in parenting :)