Monday, August 17, 2009


J and I decided it was time to introduce BB to nature (besides that whole birth thing), and since it's 100+ degrees outside in Tucson, we escaped up to Mount Lemmon for a day. This was our first long car trip with BB, and BB was a great traveler, slept the way up and coo-ed the way down! We enjoyed the cooler weather, eating pizza on a patio, and trying to point out the tall green trees to BB who was rather oblivious to the great outdoors. After lunch we headed to Rose Canyon for a walk around the lake. BB was fast asleep in his carrier for most of our walk, so J and I resigned ourselves to the fact that BB was not impressed with the outdoors and just enjoyed the scenery and cool air (and being outside without plotting an escape to the nearest air conditioned building).

Once we had our fill of the lake (and noticed the foreboding dark clouds gathering overhead), we started heading the direction of the car. While we strolled back BB woke up and all of the sudden he starting looking around, noticing these tall green and brown things he did not recognize! His eyes were wide while he absorbed this new landscape, learning more about the world around him "Oh, so air is sometimes cool? And what are these skinny, still things with feathers towards the top?" Of course, merely minutes after BB became aware of his surroundings, we felt raindrops on our head and had to scurry back to the car to avoid the oncoming downpour, but not before we snapped a photo of BB treegazing.

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  1. J - I like the new doo! Are you and BB trying to be twins? :)