Thursday, August 6, 2009

He Can Picture It Now

Down in the nursery at church this past Sunday someone said that it's recommended that you read your child six books a day. I looked down at BB and saw a future of illiteracy due to his parent's neglect to read him more than a book or two a day in the first two months of life.
Since then I have been attempting to instill the 6-book-a-day habit and in the last few days of increased reading, BB has become very interested in the pictures in the books that we are reading him. He is really looking at them!!
Here's a photo of Daddy reading to BB and BB checking out the illustrations:

Other good news about BB is that for the past couple of weeks I am able to lay him down still awake at naptime, and within minutes he falls asleep, no fussing. It's SO NICE!!
Here's BB being cute in his whale hat towel after a bath a few days ago:

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  1. Okay, the whale - LOVE IT! :) Too cute. And I need to get on the ball with this book business. crap! Good thing a lady here just gave me like 8 or 10 new board books - good timing :) Oh, did you know if they listen to mozart they're supposed to turn out smarter - bring on the classical music!