Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blue Button

FINALLY! I am hitting the blue NEW POST button, for the first time in almost 2 weeks! I have missed you, blue button! Part of the reason that blue button and I have not spent any time together in the last couple of weeks was TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES i.e. I broke our camera. But then my amazing husband fixed it! Just fixed it! After I dropped it with the lens open trying to record a video for you all and the lens was all cock-eyed and I was convinced we would have to buy a new camera and after I went through the stages of loss: denial when I texted J at work and told him I broke the camera and was giggling about it, anger when he got home and I realized that I actually really broke it good and this was reality and not a funny story I was texting him about my day, bargaining when I delusionally thought that I myself could maybe fix it, and depression when I started researching repair costs and new camera costs and realized we may not even be able to find the same camera (which I quite love). I hadn't quite reached the acceptance stage yet when J actually fixed the camera! I found a website on fixing a lens broken in just that manner but remained convinced that our particular case was beyond repair (pun intended) and then he adjusted it in like two seconds and voila! Clear, concise photos once again. Thank you J! My hero and all of that. (I may be saying that facetiously, but it's really true - he is heroic on a daily basis.)

I should take a moment here and publicly acknowledge my love of the run-on sentence. I'm sure you had your suspicions after reading the above paragraph. It's true - I relish the comma, the dash, the parenthesis and any other punctuation that allows me to indulge every angle of my thoughts, and I am not ashamed. Run-on. Run-on. Run-on.

And now, drumroll please, the blog I have been waiting 2 weeks to post:

If you have ever wondered what J's (heroic) bottom looks like, here you go - it looks exactly like this:

The first moment I saw BB's bottom, I knew I had seen it somewhere before-I recognized it! Like father, like son. (And that flat little thing certainly bears no resemblance to the junk in my trunk, for those of you who are wondering).

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  1. Poor the whole world knows what his rear end looks like... :)