Friday, May 1, 2015

SS's first day of preschool

SS started preschool in January. No hesitation, he just jumped right into the classroom routine. He loves going to school AND Lunch Bunch. SS is in class with his friend "Ainshey" (my friend's daughter) and has also made friends with two little boys he mentions often, "Willem" and "Wyan". His teacher is amazing and has pinterest-y creative crafts every week. He is a sponge right now and and loves Wild Kratts, just like his big brother. SS is retaining knowledge about animals, and particularly likes to talk about the colossal squid and the Madagascar lemurs. He recites how Madagascar is next to Afwica, and the lemurs have a stink fight, and when our friend with the doctorate in Biology asked him if the squid had a beak, he responded, "No, he doesn't, but if he was an octopus his beak would be wight heya." And he pointed to the place the beak is, and I had to ask Dr. Biologist if he was right, and he was.

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