Friday, May 1, 2015

Big Boys' Room

Six-ish months ago I began the boys shared room makeover. Before that, SS's clothes were all still in his nursery even though he'd been sleeping in BB's room for months (since last May!). I vowed not to start another house project until I completed this one. Lo and behold, the day has finally come!

These are IPhone snapshots, but HEY LOOK I'M BLOGGING!!!!!

From the entryway. The boy's favorite colors WERE blue (BB) and yellow (SS), and since I wanted to redo this room in a way that would establish both boys ownership of the room, and after interviewing the boys, we decided on this as a color scheme. Of course, immediately after I spray painted the shelving blue and made blue felt bunting and bought blue sheets, BB changed his favorite color for the first time in his whole little life, to green. He then expected a yellow and GREEN room and repeatedly asked for it. So I hail-maryed some green frames, green puff balls in the pom-pom trim, and made a green-backdropped art piece for the gallery wall. It worked out.

I didn't want to get overly theme-y or color scheme-y with the room, so my "theme" was just my boys - they love dragons and dinosaurs and robots and legos and pirates and elephants.

These embroidery pieces were made by J's aunt - so special. And the other items are from the boys' nurseries, handprints in clay, a wooden name sign BB's cousin made for him before he was born, and the invitation to SS's first birthday party. This is our little nursery tribute.

Gallery wall, edited and designed by Auntie SL. That shelf in the top left is a display area for Lego creations. And the big blue framed print is a Lego man blueprint, very cool. The other painting is an SS original.

This is my favorite part of the gallery wall - Auntie SL brainstormed some fun ideas, and this came together easily. That's an outline of Arizona and a (toy) dinosaur skeleton. All the pieces come apart and rebuild and it glows in the dark - super cool. But the stand broke and we lost a couple pieces, so this was a perfect way to use it.

Those tin robots and flying saucer are the coolest tin toys.

Hope  you enjoyed a peek into their newly finished bedroom! (Okay okay, I still need to print a couple of photos or find art work, and I would love a couple of vintage arrows...but otherwise, I'm done!)

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