Monday, September 9, 2013

Pawty Time

I should be cleaning the house. But preschool has my whole routine all caddywampus, and instead I am procrastinating cleaning the house by blogging things that I have been procrastinating posting. Productivity?

In honor of SS's adoration of dogs, we threw SS a puppy-themed 2nd birthday "pawty".

J and I scoured Google and Pinterest and pieced together this invitation, which we emailed to our guests.

We decorated with puppy balloons, hand-drawn signs, and books and toys that feature our furry, four-legged friends.

We actually threw SS two "pawties" - you know, since he was turning two. That's how that's supposed to work, right? Actually, it just worked out that our weekly playgroup fell on SS's actual birthday, so we hosted playgroup and pawtied with all of our playgroup buddies, and we also had an evening barbecue to celebrate SS turning two with family.

Bow wow wow.

There were puppy ears for our party guests too.  And cousins B and K wore puppy-tails, and Uncle M even wore Java's dog leash as a belt!

Pupcakes, fresh from the barkery

Peanut butter and jelly pupcakes, for SS's favorite food - the flavor was totally J's genius idea!

We also had pupcorn, and bowls of "dogfood" (cereal, which the kiddos all loved munching on)

Playgroup is in the morning, so our playgroup pupcakes were blueberry muffins with softened cream cheese frosting (sweetened with a little maple syrup) - yum.

The playgroupers loved splashing in the water bowl.

Mamas and babies

Pupcake time!

Later that day, GG got to town and Nacky and Papa stopped by with a special delivery for the birthday boy, who loves checking the mail with Daddy every evening.

And a couple days later, we pawtied it up with family! Hot dogs (of course), as well as Hawaiian short ribs and barbecue chicken, plus
more pupcorn and pupcakes.

GG's gift to SS was his very own jumping castle! SS was hesitant, but other kiddos sure loved it! Uncle Blaise got SS in on the action.

GG and Aunt Dar

More fun with the waterbowl

Auntie Neen's card for SS

SS discovering the bin of balls from Auntie Neen and Uncle M and the girls.

And then it was pupcake and candle time, 

including a Happy Birthday to you serenade, standard. But as it turns out, SS is not such a fan of a roomful of family and friends staring at him and loudly singing.

Not a fan.

At all.

The innocent serenaders.

Comfort from Daddy. 

"Don't cry SS - This is a problem that cake can solve!"


Uncle-niece shot

Cutie nieces with their puppy-ear-tails

And that was SS's 2nd birthday pawty. We woofed down barbeque and howled with laughter (and a few tears), and everyone left wagging their tails.

(What?! Why, K, why?! I can't contain the cheesy puns, I just can't.)


  1. hahaha oh my goodness this was seriously adorable!!! and i loved all the cheese! excellent creativity!!

  2. Love all the puppiness. And oh my word. Your backyard is rockin!, jumping castle...over the top there GG...over the top! ;) And sweet boy with the tears...Hannah had the same reaction when we sang to her on her 2nd b-day too.