Friday, September 20, 2013

Beach, Family, Friends (aka: A Few of My Favorite Things)

We spent last weekend in San Diego, celebrating at my cousin's wedding, lunching with family, and lounging on the beach. Okay - beaching with a two-year-old and a four-year-old is not exactly lounging, but I gave it my best effort. A better descriptor would be playing with BB in the waves and sand, and comforting SS who simultaneously wanted to be in the water but no where near the waves, and refused to be put down. And anytime I got SS engaged in the sand toys and then laid my head back on the blanket with aspirations of lounging, SS ran over and pulled my arms and shoulders, saying "Get up! Get up!" until I was back in a seated position.  It was really the ideal time for him to begin using two-word phrases for the first time ever.

Because I am a total beach bum, we were on the shoreline about two hours after our arrival. Sidenote: We almost ran out of gas. 10 miles after Yuma. For those of you who don't know, there is a lot of NOTHING and NOWHERE between Yuma and San Diego. Except for the little farm town of Holtville, where J's sister guided us over the phone to a gas station. Praise the Lord for Holtville! It was actually a fun memory, because J was convinced we were going to die out there and I was like "We have a cooler full of food! We can live in this car for at least two days!"  After that adventure, we were overjoyed to arrive at my college roommates home in Encinitas. The moment I realized We can roll down the windows! It's not 100 degrees out - the air is cool and refreshing! I had my obligatory Why don't we live in San Diego? moment. We hadn't even pulled into her driveway!

SS's first time seeing the ocean

After a wave rolled over his feet

Overjoyed to play in the waves

He warmed up to the water after watching BB



The next day my old roommate and I went running, and we took a short trip to the beach before the afternoon wedding. Roommate T offered to babysit the boys for us (even though she has a 6-month old baby girl of her very own), so both Justin and I were able to attend the wedding, which was a surprise!

Sweet family

Mother-son dance to Sweet Child of Mine. I love these photos. We are a dancing family.

Brother's toast

Our family loves to dance. My mom tells me that my dad loved to dance, and always wanted her to dance with him, but she hates dancing, so he would have to dance with his sisters. So seeing my aunts and uncle busting moves on the dance floor at weddings always makes me smile and think of my dad.

And then there's this guy. This guy, who TODAY, after years of training and hard work, tested and earned his Captain's license! So yeah, if you need a Captain for a 100-ton vessel, I know a guy. He's my brother.

And that lovely blonde next to him is his girlfriend, who we got to meet for the first time this weekend! Love her!

The wedding reception was right on the harbor.
We found the light.
(Gorgeous photo courtesy of Cousin J)

With my first best friend, my cousin J (who's wedding we were at last year in San Francisco!)
So much fun spending time with her and her hilarious husband

And now for a slew of family photos, at the reception and at lunch at Stone Brewing Co. the next afternoon

The whole crew

We blew through naptime and then some, and SS finally passed out on Daddy's shoulder

And then both boys crashed on the way home

We had the pleasure of spending downtime and beach time with my college roommate T. T, Her husband, and their sweet little L graciously hosted us, and we picked up right where we left off. Sure wish we could spend more weekends and play dates lounging, running, beaching, talking, and eating amazing homemade carnitas together. It was good for my soul to be with her.

We have multiplied!

The day we left was a marathon day. I ran a long run along the coast bright and early. Then we hit the beach for four hours (in my opinion, perfect. There is never enough beach time. J was over it.), and then we came home, packed up, met my brother and his girlfriend for dinner, and then drove 6+ hours back to Tucson. On the day of, it seemed like a great idea, squeezing every minute out of the day. The next day, I was barely functional. Apparently I am too old for that business! Really, the whole trip was a lot of trying to figure out how to squeeze in as much quality time with everyone as possible. When I'm surrounded by people I love I just want to maximize every moment and have deep meaningful quality time with each and every person, but I am trying to learn to be realistic about the limitations of the boys and their schedule, and also of just being a normal human being, and to be satisfied with the time we do get to share rather than anxious about making everything perfect. Life lessons. (Another life lesson: don't forget to take your fish oil, which greatly decreases your anxiety, multiple days in a row, just because you are on vacation.)

J and BB went for a run down the beach

Obligatory family beach photo

After time with my extended family, dear friends, and the beach, my heart was full.

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