Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tucson's Finest

We are lucky enough to pal around with some of Tucson's finest...

oh, and their parent's too. Ba da, Chhh! I'm here all week, folks!

But seriously, a friend of ours is a firefighter, and his wife coordinated a tour of the firehouse for our playgroup (dare I say, Tucson's Finest Playgroup?).  It was so interesting and educational (for me, too!); plus, BB got to wear his fireman costume, and the kiddos all took home little fireman hats - so win win win.

BB in the drivers seat with Ryan the Fireman and Paramedic educating him.
(BB was a little cautious about climbing into the fire engine, but it was cute to see him up there.)

Tucson's Finest Playgroupers learning about fire-fighting gear from the brave and selfless. 

Another friend (also known as the best neighbor ever) is a police officer in the area, and he was kind enough to bring over the police cruiser just to give BB a chance to check it out. BB got to turn on the flashing lights and the spot light and everything! Such a cool educational experience for him (and again, for me too!). 

Thank you to the civil servants we are blessed to call friends for these learning opportunities!

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