Saturday, July 27, 2013

Release the Picaken!

So in our family three birthdays cluster in a four day span - J, BB, and Auntie Seen's birthday celebrations are all back-to-back, which means a concentration of celebration! Months (just looked at the date - more than a year?) before the birthday cluster, I was reading The Very Worst Missionary blog, and Jamie the VWM told the tale of bakin' a picaken.  

What's a picaken, you ask? 

Why, it's a pie baked into a cake, obvi. 

Which is just the sort of kooky, excessive thing my husband loves, which is why I was completely unsurprised when, after reading the links I sent him, he declared that he, too, wanted a picaken for his birthday.

If you want to learn how to bake a picaken, read Jamie's hilarious posts here and here, in which she explains how picaken takes over her life during her own family birthday cluster.

I made J a mini-picaken, due to the copious amounts of refined sugar we were sure to consume during the birthday cluster. (Self control? I'm sorry, what?)

First, I baked a mini cherry pie. Then I whipped up some chocolate cake batter. And then I crammed the mini pie in on top of the cake batter.

Yup, that happened.

Then, more cake batter.

And after a jaunt in the oven, 

Sadly, my picaken sank in the middle and cracked, but, you know, when you're baking hybrid dessert monstrosity and then you decide to adjust the recipes yourself to do it in an arbitrary miniature form, you get what you ask for. 

But you know what else I got? 

A happy husband. 

Happy Birthday J!



And I have to admit, when I ate my piece(s), I didn't taste any sunken center. All I tasted was picaken - and that kooky sucker was delicious.

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