Friday, December 21, 2012

To Remember

The tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut on last Friday morning has caused most moms I know to hug their babies tight these past few days as we weep and mourn for the mothers who no longer can. 

While sorting through the senselessness and grief, I have been compelled to celebrate my own children - to delight in their life, to be present for and fully absorb the everyday joy weaving through the mundane, the meal preparation and dressing and teeth brushing and diaper changing that those mothers will never sneak a tickle or quick kiss into again. 

An unthinkable loss. 

And so I will treasure.

And so I will remember.

This past Sunday at church our kiddos sang a song and BB was right up front. We have been attending our new Saturday night service, and with a hectic December, have missed quite a few advent services. But we practiced singing the song at home with BB, and Sunday morning he held his sign and quietly sang the chorus and even smiled now and then.


To me, it was a most appropriate Sunday to be celebrating our precious little ones  - I hope that in a tiny, abstract way, by celebrating and enjoying these fragile lives, I honor those precious children who were stolen in the horror of Friday morning and are now at the throne of the King.

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