Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Summer Shout-Out: Itty Bitty Sports

How about a random summer post as the winter chill begins to set in?

BB played soccer and t-ball and basketball in an Itty Bitty Sports program this summer, a birthday gift from Nacky and Papa. Watching children aged 3-5-year-olds play Red Light, Green Light, Freeze Tag, and burst into tears when the ball gets stolen away was an entertaining, albeit sweaty, way to spend Saturday mornings in June and July.

(Sidebar: Since before we even had kids, I have been looking forward to my kids playing sports and attending games and practices, so it was very surreal and fulfilling to actually be at that stage of life.)

(As it turned out, BB's "Coach" was someone we know from church!)

This was, by far, BB's favorite part of Itty Bitty Sports. At the end of every practice, the kids all put their hands in the middle and shouted "Itty Bitties!" and it brought BB boundless joy. There were many, many "Itty Bitties!" cheers in our house this summer.

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  1. BB is such a handsome little boy, he's gonna be a heart-breaker. I am eagerly anticipating all the fun activities that will come with school-age years!