Thursday, September 27, 2012

From Washington With Love

As I already shared in SS's birthday post, my sister and nieces and brother-in-law came to visit and celebrate SS's very first birthday with us back at the end of July. 

They stopped by Disneyland on the way here.

We ate a lot of meals, went to my soccer game, watched the Olympics, hiked and lunched on Mount Lemmon, swam at the hotel pool, went to J's sister's art exhibit, and my niece A even game me a (much-needed) soccer lesson.  And her lesson definitely improved my game - so much so that I even scored my FIRST GOAL EVER last week!!!  Which was the best feeling, I couldn't stop smiling (or talking about it). Oh how I love being a Pouncing Puma.

But back to subject at hand.


At my soccer game the night they got into town - BB is loving his Eegee treat

Aub's taking mental notes of the game so that she can coach me later

Preparing to hike Mt. Lemmon

Hiking at the top of Mt. Lemmon

Overlooking Tucson

Auntie Jen hug

and a "Scawy kiss"

Didn't we order the large?

BB jumping in to me - unfortunately, BB's love of swimming has been replaced with F-E-A-R and getting him to swim to me or jump in took much, much cajoling.

Male bonding at its finest.

While my sister was in town, J's sister's art exhibit opened. The UA news did a video article on her art and exhibit, which you can watch here. 
Even though I see and talk to Shawna all the time, watching this video really helped deepen my understanding of her artwork.

Her exhibit is impressive.
All concrete.

Hundreds of frames, tufted ottomans with patterned "fabric", a side table, all from concrete.

My boys with all of their aunties at Shawna's exhibit

And all of their grandparents

My family

The bonus to Shawna's art exhibit being on campus at the U of A was that I got to take my sister and nieces on a little driving tour of my college. My sister remarked about what a proud alumnus I was - and she's totally right, I am still enamored with the University campus, all these years later. And I love that J works on campus so we still occasionally get to spend time enjoying the turtle pond, playing soccer on the mall, driving past my dorm, etc. etc. etc.

Dinner at Oreganos after Shawna's exhibit!! Such a fun night. And for a real taste of the desert, we even saw a javelina driving out to my uncle's that night!

Breakfast before the fam left town

Squeezed in a soccer lesson before they left town. Real girls play soccer in dresses.

Come back soon.

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  1. Umm, well, I thought I was a proud alumni too. But then you mentioned something about a turtle pond. WhatTF?!? How on EARTH did I miss that?? And, yes, I love those soccer playing outfits ;) Oh, and Shawna. I had no idea. Wow. Awesome sauce.