Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy 4 Months!

At 4 months, SS is even more smiley and even more chatty. He has these long, eager coos and sounds that are like purrs or when you roll your tongue and earnest eyes that reflect how much he wants to talk back to us. And he does, in his own precious way. He smiles when he sees Mama, and now when he sees BB too. He is starting to really watch BB.

He has also found his hands. Or rather, his hands have found his mouth. He's frequently sucking on his fingers (or whatever part of his hand he can cram in), a mix of drool and spit up sliming up his knuckle-dimples. Occasionally he also uses his hands to grab and bat at a toy, especially his little felt ducky, who makes him smile. He also smiles at his musical-sun toy.

He is still the Spit Up King. Right after he eats with burping. Midway through eating. An hour later after he's already been thoroughly burped and expectorated. Whatever. The night before Thanksgiving I was feeding him in our bed and he spit up all over me, soaking my shirt, bra, and chest, and then he looked at me and smiled huge and did a little chuckle, one of his first. J and I could tell that SS thought it was just hilarious. He's lucky his smiles are so disarming. We laughed and laughed.

SS is rolling over more now too. He has never liked tummy time, and now he has an escape route.

And he's becoming really drooly, just like BB did at this age.

And SS remains very cuddly - he loves physical attention. Kisses, hugs, being held, tickles, stroking his head - whatever it is, he's all for it. Especially those kisses. He opens his mouth up and smiles for kisses. And he is also a fan of the deep, long eye contact - I love the moments when I know that we are really communicating through those looks.

And that's our 4-month old. We absolutely cherish him.

I will edit this in a couple days (after his 4 month appointment) to add his newest measurements, so stay tuned!

SS weighs 13 lbs - 10th percentile
and is 25 " long - 50th percentile