Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Crafty Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a week away - how did that happen?

Inspired by this post on Passionate Homemaking in the beginning of November, I decided that I wanted to craft our way through the Thanksgiving story with BB and his cousins. I thought it would be a way for BB to start learning about the (albeit controversial) origins of Thanksgiving, get into the holiday spirit (because usually the holidays all sneak up on me and then they're instantly over and I'm left wistfully wishing I had done more to enjoy the season), spend time with my nieces, and also could be something the kids could all present at our big Thanksgiving family dinner. (As a kid, my cousin Jacqui and I did innumerable amounts of performances for our parents - we thought it was the most fun ever to make costumes, write a "script", and block it all out. Often our performances included musical numbers. I have been really excited for BB and my nieces to "present" the story of the first Thanksgiving at dinner using all of their crafts and I think it might be because now I can perform once again, just vicariously through them. I mean, I guess I could do it myself, but, I don't know, I guess some people might think a grown woman donning a paper pilgrim bonnet and displaying paper-bag-turkeys and cookies shaped like Plymouth Rock is weird. I guess. I'll let the kids do this one. Anyway,)

I am mainly just following along this blog's crafts.
Except for the first one - instead of just coloring pictures of pilgrims and gluing them to popsicle sticks, we made pilgrim hats and bonnets, which I found tutorials to here and here.
Of course, since the BB's cousins both chose to make bonnets and not hats, BB wanted to make a bonnet too, just like his cousins, but you know, you have to put your foot down sometimes. I mean, he wears my high heels around and is no stranger to B and K's pink toys, but a bonnet? Nope. So I made him do the "boy" thing and make a pilgrim hat. And of course we had to make one for SS too.

The hats

The bonnets

Auntie Seen told BB, "Make a pilgrim face!" and this is what he did. What does that even mean?

The littlest pilgrim

And I haven't forgotten about or bypassed Halloween, I have all kinds of posts and photos in the works, but in the interest of staying seasonal, I wanted to get this posted!

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  1. I love the littlest pilgrim!! :) Love the pilgrim face, although "leprechaun" comes to mind... hee hee! Great job creating memories for Thanksgiving, sis! :) Love ya! & can't wait to see the Halloween & pumpkin posts!