Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Not that Hooters - although they do have delicious buffalo chicken wings. But don't be ridiculous, that would be inappropriate....obviously BB and SS are too young to eat buffalo wings.

I just finished decorating the Jack and Jill bathroom between BB and SS's rooms. I didn't want to paint so I challenged myself to make it colorful in a way that makes the white walls look intentional and not like I just didn't want to paint. I wanted it to be kid-like, sweet and bright, but not obnoxious. And gender-neutral (in case a little lady ever comes along to share this bathroom). I also didn't want to spend a lot of money. I love how it came out.

It started with a shower curtain I saw at Target when J and I were picking new washcloths for SS - the shower curtain had trees and owls on it and I liked the color scheme. The kids blank white bathroom flashed through my mind. Owls are sweet, and gender-neutral. I had thought about putting owls in a nursery at one point (before I was even pregnant with SS) and I had a few ideas from brainstorming that fictional hooter-filled nursery. Later J ended up finding another owl curtain online that we liked even more, and after way too much obsessive consideration, I whipped out a Target gift card and pulled the trigger on decorating the boys bathroom. Here's what we ended up with!

The vanity area - metal cup and soap dispenser (from Marshalls) and wooden owls (from Home Goods, thanks to a birthday gift card from Hannah), all chosen because they won't break if dropped or thrown by a toddler.

"Owl you need is love" art painted by me - inspired by one seen at Home Goods. (I already had paint and canvases from old bedroom art).

After shopping for wooden stepstools and not finding them for cheaper than $30 (and we wanted two!), J built this step stool with supplies leftover from the media unit project (using plans from, and I painted and distressed it (with leftover paint). Completely free. (There's another in the downstairs bathroom).

The "water closet"

More free art by mama - Inspired by Katie Bower's print from her son's woodsy-owl nursery seen here:
This owl-tweak on the Love You Forever verse was one of my biggest inspirations to create an owl-filled bathroom (and originally a nursery).

Cute $7.50 bin from Target for easy-to-grab washcloths - it even has a chalkboard on the side which is fun for secret notes for BB and SS to see from the tub

I still want to add a couple of baby bathtub photos of BB and SS to the wall (which will a. be adorable and b. tie in with the "As long as I'm living, my babies you'll be" line from the painting), but otherwise, all done! Pretty simple, but colorful, sweet, and fun for my two boys. Okay, and for me too. It took me a couple days to stop going in there just to bask in the owls and yellow.

Sneak peek of BB in his big boy undies - potty training is underway!!


  1. Once again, can I hire you?? LOVE LOVE LOVE it! LOVE the wall art you came up with - it's all wonderful. And - potty training?? On my agenda for this week too...wish me luck!

  2. I'm so impressed by your Creativity and Style, sister! Love it!!! :)

  3. LOVE your creative decor!!! Super impressive!!!!