Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Freckles

My mom has always been able to point out my first freckle. I remember feeling amazed the first time she told me she knew exactly which freckle was my very first, amazed that she could know such a small detail about someone else, be so aware of such a tiny change. When I expressed my surprise, she explained to me that you know everything about your baby and their body because you are with them all the time from the very beginning and you have an intimacy with your child.

The first time I spotted BB's first freckle I remembered that conversation, and took joy in the intimacy of the motherhood role.

I finally (many months later) snapped some photos of BB's first freckles.
Freckle #1:

The next freckles:
BB has a freckle on his left upper back that I didn't get a photo of, and another on his inner left foot.

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