Monday, July 25, 2011

Bumpdate: 39 weeks

39 weeks.....still pregnant.....despite the fact that my water broke on this day when I was pregnant with BB.....doesn't this little man know he is supposed to come sooner than his big brother did? (Isn't that one of the rules of the second pregnancy?)

I guess technically he has until tomorrow evening at 8:38 pm (39 weeks and 1 day) when his big brother was actually born - if he's not here by then, then I declare him officially late. And since J and I (and subsequently BB) are always running late, I guess that makes him officially part of our family.

Ooey, gooey birth stuff:
At my appointment on Thursday, I had to wait for over an hour wearing my wet bathing suit under a t-shirt and workout shorts after rushing to the doctor from BB's last ISR lesson. Thankfully, BB was amazingly well-behaved. Finally, I saw the doctor for about 5 minutes - she said I was measuring 35 1/2 cm, but I firmly reminded her that last week she measured me at 36 1/2 cm and the ultrasound said that he was measuring normally so I think it's just positional. She said that yes, it may just be positional. His heartbeat was normal. She then checked me, and said my cervix is soft and I was dilated 1-2 cm and was 50% effaced, and she told me that she stripped my membranes a little. I was really surprised that she didn't ask or at least tell me that she was going to strip my membranes! By the time I got in the car I was already having lower abdominal cramping - when I got home I googled it, and saw that cramping for a day or so after your membranes are stripped is totally normal, and I thought, "Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have had to google that - maybe my doctor should have, I don't know, TOLD ME that!" Either way, I was super uncomfortable and emotional all day Thursday, but Friday I was feeling better again, and lo and behold, here I am, still with child.

I feel ready to do this thing! Not like I'm totally prepared or know what to expect or anything like that, but I'm ready to stop talking about it and do the work. It's just my personality, I'm a do-er. I guess that's how I got into this in the first place! (Insert drum and cymbals here to accent my cheesy joke) hahaha....K out. (Unlike my unborn child.)


  1. You're a goof :) You look so small everywhere except your belly - aren't you supposed to be bigger the 2nd time around?? ;)

  2. I agree with Kendra - you look fantastic! I seriously am dying to meet this little guy, probably not as much as you are though :)

  3. You look beautiful. And aren't leggings great?