Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Case Study

intermittent nausea
overwhelming fatigue
intermittent insomnia
sudden dairy intolerance
simultaneous intense craving for and bodily rejection of kalamata olives and pepperocinis

Can you diagnose me?
If your analysis of the data has led to a diagnosis that includes me growing a person, then I concur! (Dang it, I should've concurred.....Catch Me If You Can, anyone?)

That's right! BB's going to become a BIG BROTHER on (or at least around) August 3rd!
Praise God that this week we heard the rapid boom-boom-boom that is our brand-new baby's healthy heartbeat! Tonight, over our 6-year anniversary dinner, J and I talked about how real hearing the heartbeat suddenly made this pregnancy (although the heartburn and exhaustion has kept it pretty real for me).

Here's our first belly pic, taken on Christmas day:

And here we are earlier tonight celebrating six blessed years of marriage:

Here's to 60 more and to what (and who!) is ahead! The prognosis is looking good...


  1. Congratulations!!! So excited for you.

  2. Aaaahhhhh!!!! I am so, so excited for your family!!!! Violet's baby dust must have rubbed off on you :D

  3. WOW How exciting! Seriously did we sign up for the same family plan or what? Haha congratulations I'm so excited for you!

  4. Yay! Hooray! Yipee!!! :) So thrilled!! Yay for being preggers together! Love you so much and am thrilled to meet the little bug #2! -Han