Sunday, October 24, 2010


I didn't mean to take a blogcation, it just happened! Partly because I was on a real life vacation! (Which I will tell you about soon.) And then I caught a cold. And then we traveled to my 10-year high school reunion. And I still have a cough and runny nose, and have been trying to cram the distances from the 2 weeks of 10K training I missed into the remaining two weeks of training I have to go until the race. This morning I ran 4.5 miles!

We took BB to a Howl-o-ween event at this zoo last week- we turned him back into a bumblebee, since we already had the (free!) costume, but I wanted to jazz it up a little. J and I both love to create costumes, so I just couldn't let BB go as a plain old store-bought bumblebee. After much deliberation, J and I decided to dress up as bee-keepers with nametags that said Burt and Burtie, and BB wore a Burts' Bees label (printed from the computer) on his furry striped chest, so he was Burt's Bee.
We got lots of comments on our (totally free!!) costumes as we made our way through the Howl-o-ween event, which was zoo employees dressed up in different scenarios-there were Disney scenes and pirate scenes and even a ho-down dance area with haybales, and candy was handed out to trick-or-treaters. BeeBee was much more interested in buzzing through the crowd and touching the displays than candy, which kept us BeeBeekeepers busy.

Waiting in line, walking determinedly with Daddy

Enjoying the displays

Running free, keeping his beekeepers busy

"Mama's so crazy." -BeeBee

BeeBee versus Big Fish
(his natural Old-Testament-instincts are triggered as he realizes he's heard this story somewhere before...)


  1. Love it! Such a sweet little bee family :) I was just about to fuss at you for not having heard a word yet since your trip - but I guess you're forgiven... Hope you feel better soon! And I can't wait to hear about NYC!

  2. Totally adorable!! Love the costume idea - the creativity continues! :) Hugs!