Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mommy Must-Haves

Sling (or other babywearing device): look Mom, no hands! Sometimes your baby does NOT want to be put down. With a capital NOT. and sometimes you just need both your hands. Voila!

(This is a Taylor Made sling - a hand-me-down from my sis-in-law)

Paci-clip: no more digging around in the backseat desperately searching for the binky with one hand with your baby's sobs piercing your ears and inducing a slew of anxiety-provoking mommy-hormones, with the other hand on the steering wheel, trying to watch the road. While there are many warnings about strangulation hazards when attaching something to your baby with a strap, I think the dangers on the road not having a paci-clip far outweigh the remote potential of BB strangling himself with a 6 inch strap while in eye-shot (in the carseat mirror).

Happiest Baby on the Block: the 5 Ss (calming techniques) were my 5 best friends in the early days. While many of the points in this book come from an evolutionary worldview, I just replaced those ideas with "because God made it that way". A must read for mommies and daddies.

To Be Continued...

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