Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Funny HaHa

The tub is always a joyful place for this little one, and as he slowly discovers that each of his limbs and even his bottom can be lifted and then resubmerged with a subsequent splashy effect, it's only becoming more fun. But that's not even why I'm blogging.

I'm blogging because mere minutes after this photo was snapped, I dried him off, diapered him up, rubbed (overpriced-for-it's-naturalness) moisturizing cream on his skin to combat the eczema, and then lifted him in the air and giggled at his 97th percentile-long-legs dangling off his torso, and do you know what happened next? There, up in the air, my BB emitted his first real laugh. Not just a squeal or a grunty-chuckle (or even a bark), but a real laugh.

Mommyhood is filled with everyday moments of joy, like a splash in the tub or a wet kiss. But there are also moments when life changes right in front of you, and there are only so many of those. Life changed today. And I was there, and there was laughter.

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