Tuesday, June 10, 2014

SS's First Haircut

I like my little boys' hair long, especially when they're toddlers. My brother had long, blonde curls when he was a toddler, and there is something so baby-sweet about a little boy with long hair to me. I waited until BB was over two to cut his hair for the first time. But SS is nearing THREE and I still hadn't cut his hair. Those long ringlets were so perfect and lovely that I just couldn't bring myself to do it. And c'mon, this kid is cute: 

See, perfect and lovely. And pretty. So pretty, in fact, that people started commenting on our little "girl". Which totally used to happen to my little brother too.

 Which understandably started to drive J crazy (and me too a little, but thanks to my little bro's long blonde locks, I was already a well-seasoned traveler on the correct-the-toddler-gender road.)

And then my sister came to visit and encouraged and guided me on how to cut his hair (using her Devacurl experience), and after a few tears at the realization that SS is no longer a baby and needs a big boy haircut, I finally girded up my loins and decided to go for it.

I had a little hipster haircut pinned on Pinterest, but when it came down to it, J wasn't ready to see all of the curls go yet either, so we settled on a short, curly, clearly-boy style.




After sitting still for 20 minutes, SS wasn't interested in sitting still for "after" pictures, but you get the idea. His hair is so much easier and quicker to style now, which we ALL appreciate. These pics are of his hair right after I wet it so the curls would re-activate, but one of the unexpected surprises of his haircut is that it's really cute when the curls are more brushed and dry and less ringlet-y - his hair looks very surfer cool, which I love - still need a pic of that look! 

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