Monday, February 25, 2013

Color Me Rad

Serene organized a group to run the Color Me Rad 5K on February 10th - we ran in honor of B, and Color Me Rad turned into a family affair.

Here's the before pic of our team, dubbed the Running of the Belles
So white and fresh and clean.

Ashley came up with that awesome team name. And please notice our fun team shirts that we made the morning before - it was so fun to be creative (and a little neurotic...okay, that was just me) together as a fam :)

At packet pick-up we got our race shirts, sunglasses, and well, I couldn't resist this $4 headband. (And as it turned out, neither could any of the other Running of the Belles teammates either!)  I mean, the headband is huge (wide enough to tuck my bangs into!). And it says RAD. And there was a pink one, which means it matches my soccer socks, so I am now a little radder on the soccer field. 
Definitely the coolest race SWAG I've ever gotten.

And now, I will let the colors do the talking.

Pre-race (That pose on the right is BB's newest thing - he does it in every picture lately)

Me, Serene, and Ashley (my half-marathon partner) ran the 5K (leisurely) - this is midway on the course

Our cheering squad

Ashley, K, and Serene after crossing the finish line (the first time - we caught up with the kiddos and finished with them too! :)  )

Celebrating the finish of a relaxing, happy, colorful frun

Aunt Shawna and Nacky walked (and apparently did quite a bit of piggy-backing) with B and Tada and BB

BB taking a lil rest on his Nacky mid-race

Tough (and rad) lil runners

Colorful little ladies, right after a pink color bomb

BB getting color-bombed

We caught up with Nacky, Aunt Shawna, and the kids after we finished. Apparently BB would run his little heart out, and then periodically would find a spot that suited him and have a little R&R. Nevermind the fact that everyone else was still walking or running.

Coming closer to the finish, running together

I love this picture through the color bomb of Serene, Nacky, B and Tada

And this one of Mama and BB

Coming through the Finish line, clutching our color packets

Nacky at the finish

Kiddos at the Finish, BB releasing his color packet

Colorful and rad at the Finish line

Here's that before again, just for contrast

My colorful cutie
It brings tears to my eyes when I think about how much he loved his very first race. That night when I put him to bed he asked, "Do I have another race tomorrow?"

Before and After



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  1. So fun. Er, rad! Reading about BB asking if he had another race tomorrow brought tears to my eyes too - priceless!

    And that jumping picture of you 3 ladies rocks. It's too perfect!