Monday, June 13, 2011

Big Boy Bed in a Big Boy Room

BB's room was transformed into a Big Boy room this weekend, complete with a Big Boy bed! BB was so excited about his Big Boy room - it was so sweet to see how much he genuinely liked it. And now that his toys are on display on the bookshelf instead of hidden in the bins, he is excited to play in his room (which he didn't really do before), and he is obsessed with playing with toys he's never been into before, like his cars.

So I forgot to take Before Pictures of his room, but you've all seen it here and there. Here are some empty room Before Pictures:

Aaaand the Afters:

Thanks to a pre-owned bookshelf and twin mattress (stored in our garage), a curbside chair (from our neighbors, so we know it's clean!), and finding a comforter in the PERFECT color scheme for $12!!! at Ross, and reusing our former media console from the living room as a "dresser" in BB's closet, we hardly spent anything! (Oh, we did get him a new basket for his blocks - I think it was $8, also at Ross.) We would still like to get him some new sheets, but we had these on hand for now.

Celebrating his new room at bedtime

Chairs for storytime

Putting Monkey to bed

This is what he did when we told him to lay down in his bed - I don't know why he is so stiff, but I think it's hilarious.

Big boy bed trials have been...tricky. The first day I think he was just too excited about his new room to stay in the bed (which is kinda sweet). After a lot of laying in bed next to him reading him books, and then when we finally thought he was asleep sneaking out and then finding him in his room playing with his cars at 10:45 pm or opening and closing the door repeatedly, we have instigated the one-strike-and-you're-out rule (starting last night at bedtime), which means he gets one chance to lay in the big boy bed, and if he gets up then he has to sleep in the pack and play. Luckily, he wants to sleep in his big boy bed and not the pack and play, so we're hoping he will get motivated to stay in the bed quickly.


  1. So handsome - and such a BIG BOY! It only took twice for Hannah of 'one strike and you're out' before she stayed for good in her big girl bed so hopefully that works for you guys too :)

  2. I still LOVE Mr.'s pajamas!