Friday, April 1, 2011

Bumpdate: 22 (1/2) weeks and 22 months

The last few weeks I have started to feel like I'm going to explode after I eat a full meal. It's also gotten very hard to tell when I'm actually hungry, since I feel full all the time, even though I am just full of baby and not nutrition. I feel like I'm eating a normal amount of food, not really any more than that, because really, even a normal amount of food makes me feel like my abdomen may spontaneously burst.

I can also feel that my joints are loosening up - along with the characteristic pregnant clumsiness, I notice it when I'm sleeping because my hips feel like they don't stay lined up when I'm on my side. Sleeping with a pillow to curl up on has helped me feel more stable.

I had a couple of really emotional (hormonal) weeks, one of them falling over J's trip to Stanford for a conference - not the best timing. I had so much nesting energy with nothing to spend it on, since the media unit was (is) still in progress. Thankfully, those weeks passed, I feel more like myself again, and I have found ways to redirect that nesting energy (like by going through BB's clothes, putting away the too-small items, and shopping for some summer clothes. Knowing that I would be pulling all of these clothes back out in a couple of years made this a fun event, rather than a tear-filled one).

The Little Mister is very active, especially after I eat a meal. J has felt him kick many times now, and I can see him kicking as well as feel it now too. Baby Boy is still yet-to-be-named, which is making me feel totally crazy (and a little guilty, since BB was named minutes after finding out he was a boy). But I think J and I have assembled a short list, even though our favorites are not totally lined up yet. A few days ago, J told me that I have been asking him about my favorite every single day (which I initially denied and then realized that I probably do mention the name daily even if I'm not directly asking him about it) and that he can't even tell how he feels about it or if it's growing on him because my obsession with it is making him not want it just because I am so fixated. So he asked me not to bring it up until April 15th, and I agreed. I have decided since then that I am putting the whole name-hunt on hold during that time too, so we have been actually talking about other things at night in bed, which has been nice.

And BB is 22 months old, just 2 months short of his 2nd birthday, which I can't even believe. His language is developing so quickly right now - he repeats everything we say, adding "please" when he asks for something ("Moe pease"), and saying other two-word phrases. He has been drinking juice (water with about an inch of juice added to the cup) for a couple of weeks now, since a bout of diarrhea when I was worried he was getting dehydrated. (I knew the juice days would come, I just tried to put it off as long as possible.) So the cries we used to hear for "Mok! Mok!" are now "Juice, pease." If we tell him we're giving him milk or water, he corrects us saying "juice" after we tell him milk or water, over and over. At the grocery store he points and announces the items he recognizes as we walk down the aisles, which I love. "Eggs! Juice! Abblesauce!" And he calls all fruit "abbles", even though I know he knows when he sees a real apple. On his changing table, he thinks it's hilarious to say "Poo poo blech!", and for us to repeat it - he starts to say it really fast so it comes out "Pooblah!" During the bout with diarrhea, J went in to get him in the morning, and BB regretfully told him "Bad poopoos. Bad poo poos." He says "Whoa!" when he falls down or trips, and J and I subsequently realized that we say whoa way too much.

He remains totally obsessed with shoes and is actually pretty good on putting them on himself (even though his heels don't always make it into the shoe). He takes showers with both of us and copies our actions, rubbing soap on his legs or his head after watching one of us do it. On mornings when we're both home, he gets in bed with us to cuddle and read a book, and then loves to get the "shlashlight" from Daddy's nightstand and shine it across the room. He still loves Horton Hears A Who, pointing at the TV saying "Ho, Ho" to make his request known. His favorite toys right now are his stacking buckets, his Joey doll (with magnetic wooden clothes he can switch), and books, books, books. His favorite book right now is Curious George Makes Pancakes. One of the first times we read this book was one of those mornings we were all in bed, and when we got to the part about George making pancakes, BB suddenly sat straight up mid-story and announced, "Pampates...Pampates! PAMPATES!" like, People! Why aren't we eating pampates right now? and climbed out of bed and ran towards the stairs. Of course we had a pancake breakfast that morning. And since then, we daily hear requests for "Mumbey, pampates." In fact, yesterday morning J made us a special Mumbey Pampate Breakfast, and BB's monkey doll joined us in his own high chair with his own pancake - BB couldn't have had more fun.

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  1. Umm, that's mumbey pancake bkfst is absolutely adorable! Hannah loves her stacking buckets and she's getting a doll w/ magnetic clothes for her b-day. I can't wait to see these 2 together - I think they'll be 2 peas in a pod! I laughed out loud at the 'badpoopoos' - so pathetic :( Thanks for the fun update :)