Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Minute 2010 Snapshots

In an effort to start 2011 with an empty camera card and all blogged up on life, here are some last minute miscellaneous snapshots from 2010 that I just couldn't go without posting:

With a thoughtful Baby E in the backyard

BB loves his bike, a birthday gift from his Great Uncle - when I started taking these pictures he was pushing backward on the bike and he just opened his mouth like this to express his joy!

Our little engineer making sure the irrigation system is in proper working order. He will observe us doing something, trying to figure out how it works, and then next thing you know, he's trying to do it himself. I love that first picture because you can just see him thinking "I know this is how Dad does it."

Pumpkin head

My family about to enjoy our Thanksgiving feast at my sister's home in Washington. BB ate so much turkey!

You can see the remains of his Thanksgiving feast all over his face :)

All bundled up with Mama in Olympia, WA in November

The Mahan Clan, plus BB
We were reunited with our South African hosts Dana, Sibongile, and their sons Owethu and Tumelo in early December when they visited Tucson and stayed with us. BB couldn't have been happier having two big boys to play with - Owethu especially was great with BB, and you can tell by BB's adoring gaze that BB felt the same way.

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