Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Fashion Preview

We had a few days where the temperature dropped below 80 degrees last week, and I realized that BB's wardrobe contained only two long sleeved shirts - one of which was a dress shirt from last Easter. In fact, his wardrobe became pretty sparse once we weeded out everything that no longer fit (which involved a SUPER FUN (insert sarcasm here) try-on-everything-we-weren't-sure-about-session with BB). Here are all of the Fall-friendly items (minus some footie jammies we already had and a drawer full of shorts which aren't really Fall-friendly outside of Tucson.) I had actually just bought that brown shirt on the left at Target for $5.3something.
This definitely was not going to get us through Fall, let alone Winter.

Until now, most of BB's wardrobe came from gifts and hand-me-downs and I would pick up a few things here and there, so I was excited when I realized it was time for a real BB shopping spree. J and I designated an entire day off together to shop for a Fall and Winter wardrobe for BB, and I wanted to show you what we assembled between two Targets, a Carter's Outlet, a Gymboree Outlet, a Children's Place outlet, Old Navy, and two local resale shops, Sweet Repeats and Rock'n Babies (my favorite!).
The striped pants, striped hat, and blue shoes we already had, but I forgot to picture them before - otherwise this is the fruit of many hours of retail labor (with a cheese fondue break in between!), and I thought you'd like to see an advance preview of BB's Fall Fashions.
I'm sure we will still pick up some things here and there, but I feel like we have a strong base to build from. I actually took the inital photo for reference while shopping, and it really helped me remember what we already had and still needed and what coordinated with multiple items or just didn't really work with his existing style (Yes, I did just say "existing style" about a 17-month-old and I, too, realize the ridiculousness :) ).

Here's BB modeling one of my favorite finds of the day, a brown corduroy hat with (faux) wool lined ear flaps that you can snap up. Don't mind the puppy pillow fight in progress.

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