Sunday, December 6, 2009

He's just a little guy

At his 6-Month checkup, BB weighed in at only 15 lbs 1 oz, putting him in the 10% percentile, while he is still in the 90% percentile for length at 28 1/4 inches. This combo makes for one very long and skinny baby! He has always been less plump than some of his "colleagues" but he has never looked unhealthily so. J's mom said that J was very similar with his growth, tending to grow longer rather than wider. Still, when I spied a picture of his cousin K at the same age on his auntie's fridge the other day, I was shocked at the lack of chunk on BB.
We had started him on rice cereal right around 5 months, but since the doctor had recommended waiting until 6 months, we only fed him rice cereal inconsistently. So now we are feeding him solids twice a day trying to beef him up and we'll follow up in 4 weeks. Speaking of beefing up, the doctor actually said that nowadays they are thinking meat is a great first food for babies, as it contains higher levels of iron and zinc which breast milk has less of around 6 months, and that the zinc plays a role in skin integrity, so more zinc may help with his eczema! Unfortunately, BB did not think meat was such a great first food:

He was very upset when we put the chicken in his mouth - he had been happily enjoying his peas, leaning his head forward to take bites, and when I put the chicken in his mouth, he made this expression I had never seen before - he looked upset and a little betrayed.
But he has been a big fan of rice cereal from the start:

And peas are pretty yummy too.

I am looking forward to making baby food, and I did make the chicken myself, but the peas and sweet potatoes are from jars, as we just wanted to get him started as quickly as possible due to the low weight. I am paging through Super Baby Food at this point - any other great baby-food-making resources out there?


  1. Oh man, that chicken face is too much! Hope you find some other types of meats he can enjoy a bit more. :) He's looking so cute!! Can't wait to hold him next month! - Han

  2. I got The Petit Apetit cookbook by Lisa Barnes at a used bookstore when we were in the states and it has been great - if nothing else it gives me good ideas and she's all about everything organic if you're into that. Yeah, my doc wants Han to eat meat too - my friend gave her baby (7 month old) his first chicken mixed w/ carrots - you could try lacing some carrots w/ chicken and see how he does...we need to have a conversation about all of this b/c otherwise I might write a novel here...

  3. Maybe try mixing the chicken with the rice cereal in lower proportions? Chicken & rice = yum! :) I agree with Kendra, to mix things, just make sure that you've already introduced anything that you mix to avoid any reactions.

    Have a ball making his food! I absolutely loved making A's - it made me feel like a super-mommy!! It's empowering to not be a slave to the "jar aisle" - other people's food doesn't come out of a jar (always) so why should baby's?! :) Hugs! Good job!!