Monday, September 21, 2009

Places to Go, People to See

Our Barking Baby has been very busy - last week he traveled all the way up to Washington to meet his cousins and uncle and to see his Auntie Jen again. His time in Washington was spent smiling at his cousins, listening to them argue about who's turn it was to hold him, watching Cousin A play soccer and Cousin M get a stripe on her Taekwondo belt, cuddling with his Auntie and Uncle, getting sniffed by Koko and Simon (the canines), acquiring his very first diaper rash (interesting as this is the first time he has been in disposables for an extended period of time), and pooping all over mommy at their church (oh the moment before you look down when you feel the warmth, the dreaded warmth...). What a fun trip! We even snuck in some family photos!

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